In-house training

I offer bespoke mental health and resilience training for companies, organisations and groups. I tailor each training to the unique needs and demands of each environment.

I offer an introductory one hour workshop, a half-day training or a four week course (4 x 1.5 hour sessions).

The training:

  • presents educational information on our neurophysiological responses to stress and overwhelm

  • offers practical techniques to regulate these responses

  • experiential exercises focusing on the role of awareness and the body

  • explores how to reprogramme patterns of unhelpful thinking and behaviour

    Please email me for an information pack or with any questions.

Introduction to therapy - for men

Starting therapy can be particularly daunting for men who wouldn’t label themselves as particularly emotional, or who might be confused by what the process of therapy actually involves.

This one-on-one 3 week introductory course offers a clear and concise outline of what is involved in therapy and how it could help you.

It involves:

  • practical information about how our minds and bodies work

  • exercises, techniques and information to prepare you for therapy.

    Feel free to email me for anymore information.