It can feel daunting to begin therapy.

It might feel strange to start talking about parts of yourself that don't often get expressed.  

I am here to facilitate a safe, holding environment. Therapy is a collaborative process which is led by you and supported by me, we work together to foster a deeper awareness and clarity in order to facilitate meaningful change.

“Psychotherapy must remain the obstinate attempt of two people to recover the wholeness of being human through the relationship between them” R.D. Laing   


How I work

I work integratively, which means that I utilise a number of different theoretical modalities in tailoring a unique approach that best fits you.

Fundamental to my approach is the goal of expanding your conscious awareness to include previously unnoticed interior states and unrecognised beliefs that can control your life.

The process of identifying these can be aided by: 

  • Exploring your past experiences, the roots of these states and beliefs.

  • Encouraging an awareness of how we relate to each other and exploring how this might represent patterns in your life.

  • Focusing on bodily reactions and sensations and expanding your language of self-expression.

  • Using the therapeutic space as a secure testing-ground to experience the possibility of breaking-out of set patterns.

    Working towards an expanded level of awareness allows you a greater capacity to consciously choose what you want to experience and how you want to live.